A-book 3.1

This software lets you store information about your contacts (See all)

A-book is an ideal address book that will help you save information about every person you know. It comes with a lot of useful tools to make things easier for you. You can import your contacts information from other programs, for example, Outlook Express. The program's interface has been designed to provide the users with an easy way to fill in and recover information about clients, friends, family members, etc.

It is very easy to create your own personal address book. By simply clicking on the new contact button, a new window will pop up and you are going to be able to type a name, middle name, last name, nick name, choose a phone number, address, set an image and more. The program has predefined boxes where you can enter business information,personal information, home information and more. For example, you can add a contact from your job or from any other company and specify information about the organization he works for. Plus, you can add comments about every contact. You could leave a note to remind yourself that contact will not respond at a specific hour.

A-book 3.1 has the advantage of providing you with very organized information. All you have to do is fill the predefined spaces and then you will know everything about your contacts.

The application comes with a dial button that will automatically call a contact when you click on it. That can save a lot of your time. You won't have to manually find a number, get a phone and dial to call a friend.

By opening the personal information of any contact, you are going to be able to choose an image for them.

At the right side of the program main window, there are all the letters of the alphabet. By clicking on the S for example, all the people whose name start with that letter will be displayed on the screen.

A-book 3.1 is a great way to organize yourself better and remember everything about important for you people.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It lets you store information about your contacts
  • It comes with a dial button to call your friends
  • It's easy to use
  • It lets you import information from other address books


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